• Realm of Ash and Blood – Unleashed! 19.4.2020

    Our third opus Realm of Ash and Blood is officially out now! Go and grab your merchandise from our labels website or Bandcamp. Album is also streaming on all possible platforms. Gig announcements will follow when the time is ripe.

    20 Buck Spin:


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  • Realm of Ash and Blood – First song out! 4.2.2020

    First song and album info unveiled! Here is the official statement from the label:

    Realm Of Ash And Blood, the third album from Finland’s SOLOTHUS, drops a dripping broadsword of Cimmerian carnage and staggering death-soaked doom delirium on the scorched landscape from which only mounds of skull dust and obsidian shards shall remain.

    Making its debut on 20 Buck Spin as a band ideally suited for the label, SOLOTHUS’ oppressively heavy mid-paced slaughter maintains a sense of unstoppable momentum even when slowing into the glacial. Yet the land of a thousand lakes has also infused SOLOTHUS with an ear for eerie melodic sorcery and tastefully ripping guitar solos to compliment the riff after riff of hammering granite.

    Touching upon all things doom, the Realm Of Ash And Blood luxuriates in both the somber elegance and pained heaviness of the genre, it’s theatrical virtuosity and crushing simplicity. SOLOTHUS has stormed the gate, stained it with blood of pretenders, and taken the jeweled throne.

    Having recently parted ways with guitarist Sami Iivonen, who is heard on Realm Of Ash And Blood, the band added new guitarist Aleksi Luukka to the lineup with vocalist Kari Kankaanpää, guitarist Veli-Matti Karjalainen, bassist Tami Luukkonen, and drummer Juha Karjalainen.

    Realm Of Ash And Blood delivers seven new movements, the drums, guitars, and bass recorded and mixed by Lauri Laaksonen, and the vocals recorded and edited by Tommi Ilmanen at Sounds from Below Studio. The album was mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio and completed with cover art by the ever-prolific Adam Burke (Hällas, Eternal Champion, Angel Witch). Devotees to the works Runemagick, Hooded Menace, Coffins, My Dying Bride, Krypts, Derketa, Ossuarium, Crowbar, and Celtic Frost, tune in.

    Stream the first single from SOLOTHUS’ Realm Of Ash And Blood, “The Watcher,” at Bandcamp HERE and YouTube HERE.

    20 Buck Spin will release Realm Of Ash And Blood March 27th on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats. Find digital preorders HERE and watch for physical purchase options to post in the coming weeks.

    Watch for live appearances too be scheduled and announced throughout 2020.

    Realm Of Ash And Blood Track Listing:
    1. Father Of Sickness
    2. The Watcher
    3. The Gallows’ Promise
    4. Last Breath
    5. Below Black Waters
    6. Chasm Of Shattered Bones
    7. A Rain Of Ash

    Kari Kankaanpää – vocals
    Veli-Matti Karjalainen – guitars
    Juha Karjalainen – drums
    Tami Luukkonen – bass
    Aleksi Luukka – guitars

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  • Line up change 2.11.2019

    Sami Iivonen is no longer part of the band. Luckily new guitarist was found quickly as Aleksi Luukka has joined Solothus making the line up stronger. More news concerning the third album will follow shortly.

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  • Solothus signs with 20 Buck Spin! 27.6.2019

    We could not be more proud and honoured to announce that Solothus has been signed by none other than the mighty 20 Buck Spin! You can await our third album out in 2019. Doom upon the world…

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  • Stare Into These Eyes. 22.3.2017

    We are excited to announce our second tour in the UK! We are joining with our brothers in Live Burial to bring forth the word of the Doomed across England on these four cities:

    20.4.2017. The Gryphon, Bristol with Live Burial, Deheubarth, The Drowning.
    21.4.2017. Eradication Festival, Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff.
    22.4.2017. Retro Bar, Manchester with Live Burial, Seprevation, Decrepid, Repulsive.
    23.4.2017. Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle with Live Burial, Uncoffined, Seprevation, Decrepid.



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  • Death Manifest III. 17.11.2016

    Solothus enters the Russian soil to play two gigs at Death Manifest III. Dates are as follows:

    18.11.2016. MOD, Saint Petersburg with Pyre, Cadaveric Incubator and Axeslaughter.
    19.11.2016. Monaclub, Moscow with Pyre, Cadaveric Incubator, Axeslaughter and Grond.

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  • ”No King Reigns Eternal” out now! 5.5.2016

    ”No King Reigns Eternal” is out now through Doomentia Records! It is first released as a CDdigipak and then followed by a vinyl release. Also the vinyl version of ”Summoned from the Void” will be released by Doomentia Records later this year. In addition to this, you can also listen the album through Spotify, if you prefer your music that way. We have few gigs planned for this year, if things go as planned, one of the dates will be abroad, but more on that, when things clear up.

    Buy the album here: Doomentia Records Bandcamp.

    T-shirts with the following design by Mark Riddick are available also from Doomentia Records! Get your own while they last!

    Solothus paitakuva

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  • ”No King Reigns Eternal” available for streaming, out 18.3.2016. through Doomentia Records! 13.3.2016

    Greetings! After a bit of silence, we come to you with news! ”No King Reigns Eternal” will be out through Doomentia Records 18.3.2016.! To celebrate this, we are playing an album release show with Purtenance, Cannibal Accident and Atretic Intestine 19.3.2016 at TVO, Turku!

    As this is not enough, ”No King Reigns Eternal” is available for streaming at NO CLEAN SINGING! Check it out from the link below!

    Solothus – No King Reigns Eternal – No Clean Singing

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  • No King Reigns Eternal – Two preview songs! 15.12.2015

    A lot has happened again in the Solothus-camp. Hopefully we can reveal more details in the near future, but here is two cuts from the upcoming album ”No King Reigns Eternal”. First song ”Malignant Caress” follows the style set in the first album. Second song ”Towers in the Mist” travels more peculiar paths. Something a bit different, but still very much in the vein of what we are all about.

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  • Past and Future Matters 9.6.2015

    Time to break the long silence! A lot has happened in the Solothus-camp since the latest update here. Line up change, new record deal, bunch of gigs…

    First off, lets start with some major news. Solothus signed a record deal with Doomentia Records! There are no words to describe how damn excited we are about this! Our debut album will come out as a vinyl during Summer too. During Autumn/Winter our sophomore album will see the light of day. We are just about to enter the studio to record it! Six songs of Epic Death/Doom Metal!

    Secondly, there was a line up change in early 2014. Our old bassist stepped down from his duties. Fear not, we found a new bassist right away. Tami Luukkonen joined in to fill the spot and make the line up even stronger! Already known from Gorephilia, he is just what the band needed, another killer musician in the ranks of Solothus.

    Thirdly, we have played a lot of gigs around Finland and couple abroad. During 2014 we have played with such bands as Krypts, Demonical, October Tide, Decaying, just to name a few. Also during last February we went to play two gigs in Northern England. We are also playing at Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest in September. Sure feels great to be sharing the stage with such legends! We feel honored! Another cool thing that is taking place, is that we are doing a small tour around Finland in October with Undergang and Corpsessed! Truly a dream line up for us!

    So, stay tuned! We promise to keep this site up to date properly! Come and witness us live if you have the chance. Keep your eyes and ears open for our second album!

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