Past and Future Matters

Time to break the long silence! A lot has happened in the Solothus-camp since the latest update here. Line up change, new record deal, bunch of gigs…

First off, lets start with some major news. Solothus signed a record deal with Doomentia Records! There are no words to describe how damn excited we are about this! Our debut album will come out as a vinyl during Summer too. During Autumn/Winter our sophomore album will see the light of day. We are just about to enter the studio to record it! Six songs of Epic Death/Doom Metal!

Secondly, there was a line up change in early 2014. Our old bassist stepped down from his duties. Fear not, we found a new bassist right away. Tami Luukkonen joined in to fill the spot and make the line up even stronger! Already known from Gorephilia, he is just what the band needed, another killer musician in the ranks of Solothus.

Thirdly, we have played a lot of gigs around Finland and couple abroad. During 2014 we have played with such bands as Krypts, Demonical, October Tide, Decaying, just to name a few. Also during last February we went to play two gigs in Northern England. We are also playing at Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest in September. Sure feels great to be sharing the stage with such legends! We feel honored! Another cool thing that is taking place, is that we are doing a small tour around Finland in October with Undergang and Corpsessed! Truly a dream line up for us!

So, stay tuned! We promise to keep this site up to date properly! Come and witness us live if you have the chance. Keep your eyes and ears open for our second album!