Kari Kankaanpää – Vocals
Veli-Matti Karjalainen – Guitars
Juha Karjalainen – Drums
Tami Luukkonen – Bass
Aleksi Luukka – Guitars

The band took its earliest form in the year 2007 in Parainen, when Kari and Santeri decided to start a band. Veli-Matti was also a founding member, but since he lived hundreds of kilometers away, he rarely was at rehearsals. The band had many line-ups and names throughout 2007, but at the end of the year, the name Solothus was chosen.

In the year 2008, most members served their military duties and the band wasn’t active. A new line-up was made early in 2009 in Turku. Alex entered the picture, either playing the bass or the guitar. The band rehearsed with this line-up until 2010. Rami joined as a guitarist somewhere along the road. In the autumn of 2010, Veli-Matti moved to Turku and the band got serious.

Soon after that, Alex left the band due to him being busy with other stuff. Rami moved to the bass. In the early 2011, Rami left to concentrate on his other musical interests and because he lacked the time for the band. Soon the band asked Dario to come and try for the bassist’s spot. After one rehearsal, it was certain that Dario would give the band what they needed: a solid member.

The band started writing their own music and went to the studio in August 2011 to record their first demo, Ritual of the Horned Skull. The demo was released quickly on the Halloween of the same year.

After the release of the demo, Solothus concentrated on performing live. The first gig was in their home town, Turku. Several gigs followed, warming up for bands such as Torture Killer and Ereb Altor (SWE).
In spring 2012, Solothus toured Finland with Coffins (JP) and Hooded Menace. Their first performance at a festival was in summer 2012 at Selviytyjät Private Metal Fest.

After the gigs and tour, it became obvious that Santeri couldn’t keep up with the band. In the autumn of 2012, Santeri and Solothus parted ways in good terms. Juha Karjalainen, the new drummer, joined the ranks of Solothus. While making changes to the line-up, another guitarist, Sami Iivonen, was added to make the sound even heavier.

Having gained visibility on the underground, Memento Mori, a Spanish label, offered Solothus a record deal to release their first full length album. Debut album titled ”Summoned from the Void” was released July 2nd, 2013. Album got immediately a positive feedback from the scene and gigs around Finland followed. ”Summoned from the Void” was recorded and mixed by Harri Hyytiäinen at Rehearsalucifer Studios, same studio where the demo was recorded.

As 2014 unfolded, Solothus was facing another line-up change. Due to changes in personal-life, Dario stepped down from the bass duties. Thus entered Tami to the picture. Already known from Gorephilia, Tami made the strong line up even stronger. Rest of 2014 went down getting Tami properly into the band with rehearsals and followed by a handful of gigs. Playing with such bands as Demonical (SWE), October Tide (SWE), Krypts etc.

In 2015 Solothus signed with the brilliant Doomentia Records to release their debut album on vinyl and to continue this pact, also to release their forthcoming sophomore album! Whole year was spent writing new material and playing gigs around Finland. Another festival appearance followed, when band played at Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest. Also two gigs abroad were played in Northern parts of England. Solothus entered studio in August to record the second album titled ”No King Reigns Eternal”. In October of 2015 band also toured in Southern Finland with Undergang (DEN) and Corpsessed. The three bands also released a three-way split tape to promote the tour.

In early 2016 sophomore album was released through Doomentia Records. To promote the album, band played numerous gigs in Finland and did two tours abroad. The first tour was in Russia and the second one again in England. Solothus shared the stage with such bands as Live Burial (UK), Pyre (RUS), Rippukoulu, Anatomia (JP) etc.

Years leading to 2019 were busy with tours, gigs and song-writing process. As 2019 dawned, the band had something remarkable to announce: Solothus signed with none other than the mighty 20 Buck Spin! Before the release of the album, a line up change raised it’s head as Aleksi Luukka joined as the new rhythm guitarist replacing Sami. The union of Solothus and 20 Buck Spin will bear fruit to many great deeds to come, first one being the third opus titled “Realm of Ash and Blood”! Be forewarned!