Upcoming gigs:
24.3.2017. Tampere, Vastavirta. /w Coughdust, Ward, Sonic Poison.
20.4.2017. Bristol, The Gryphon – /w Live Burial, Deheubarth, The Drowning.
21.4.2017. Cardiff, Fuel Rock Club. Eradication Festival 2017.
22.4.2017. Manchester, Retro Bar. /w Live Burial, Seprevation, Decrepid, Repulsive.
23.4.2017. Newcastle, Trillians. /w Live Burial, Uncoffined, Seprevation, Decrepid.
5.5.2017. Helsinki, Kaivohuone. Helsinki Death Fest II

Past gigs:
13.12.2011. Turku, Klubi Ilta. Metallihelvetti Vol. 7 /w Autere.
17.2.2012. Turku, S-Osis. /w Kashmar, Vyöry, Rawage.
3.3.2012. Turku, Klubi Live. /w Torture Killer, Cannibal Accident.
9.5.2012. Turku, Klubi Ilta. /w Coffins, Prodeath Penalty.
10.5.2012. Tampere, Klubi. /w Coffins, Prodeath Penalty.
11.5.2012. Oulu, Nuclear Nightclub. /w Coffins, Hooded Menace.
12.5.2012. Helsinki, PRKL Club. /w Coffins, Hooded Menace.
18.8.2012. Jalasjärvi, Selviytyjät Private Metalfest.
13.10.2012. Nummela, Bar Bistro. /w Cataleptic.
3.11.2012. Turku, Klubi Ilta. Metallihelvetti Vol. 10 /w Ereb Altor, Urgamla.
19.4.2013. Turku, TVO. /w Kashmar, Ritual Mist.
20.4.2013. Pori, Baarikaappi. /w Cannibal Accident, Devastracktor.
10.5.2013. Turku, TVO. /w Gladenfold, Rawage, Pathogens.
6.7.2013. Vantaa, Bar Torppa. /w Circus Necropolis, Hexagon Glass, For the Red Sky.
24.8.2013. Eura, Osmantupa. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane. /w Atretic Intestine, Rawage, Wrathrone.
3.1.2014. Turku, Klubi Ilta. Metallihelvetti Vol. 17 /w Cataleptic, Concrete Icon.
7.6.2014 Turku, Klubi Live. Darkness Unbound Finland-Tour with Demonical, I Saw Red and Hellbox.
30.8.2014. Turku, Klubi Ilta. /w October Tide, Ghost Voyage, I Saw Red.
28.11.2014. Helsinki, PRKL Club. /w Krypts.
6.2.2015. Newcastle, England, Northumberland Arms. /w Uncoffined, Austerymn, Horrified.
7.2.2015. Manchester, England, The Star and Garter. /w Uncoffined, Austerymn, Horrified.
6.3.2015. Tampere, Varjobaari. /w Decaying, Worthless.
18.4.2015. Seinäjoki, Bar 15. /w Decaying, Defiled Icon.
10.-12.9,2015, Pori, Annis. Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest.
1.10.2015. Helsinki, Lepakkomies. /w Undergang, Corpsessed.
2.10.2015. Tampere, Varjobaari. /w Undergang, Corpsessed.
3.10.2015. Turku, TVO. /w Undergang, Corpsessed.
19.3.2016. Turku, TVO. /w Purtenance, Cannibal Accident, Atretic Intestine.
10.6.2016. Vantaa, Bar Jemma. /w Lantern, Decaying.
24.9.2016. Kuopio, Ottopoika. /w Corpsessed, Lantern.
18.11.2016. Saint Petersburg, Russia, MOD. Death Manifest III /w Pyre, Cadaveric Incubator, Axeslaughter.
19.11.2016. Moscow, Russia, Monaclub. Death Manifest III /w Pyre, Grond, Cadaveric Incubator, Axeslaughter.
4.3.2017. Jyväskylä, Katse. /w October Tide, Author.