Upcoming gigs
28.8.2021. Helsinki, Tiivistämö at Helsinki Death Fest V.

Past gigs:
13.12.2011. Turku, Klubi Ilta. Metallihelvetti Vol. 7 with Autere.
17.2.2012. Turku, S-Osis with Kashmar, Vyöry and Rawage.
3.3.2012. Turku, Klubi Live with Torture Killer and Cannibal Accident.
9.5.2012. Turku, Klubi Ilta with Coffins and Prodeath Penalty.
10.5.2012. Tampere, Klubi with Coffins and Prodeath Penalty.
11.5.2012. Oulu, Nuclear Nightclub with Coffins and Hooded Menace.
12.5.2012. Helsinki, PRKL Club with Coffins and Hooded Menace.
18.8.2012. Jalasjärvi at Selviytyjät Private Metalfest 2012.
13.10.2012. Nummela, Bar Bistro with Cataleptic.
3.11.2012. Turku, Klubi Ilta. Metallihelvetti Vol. 10 with Ereb Altor and Urgamla.
19.4.2013. Turku, TVO with Kashmar and Ritual Mist.
20.4.2013. Pori, Baarikaappi with Cannibal Accident and Devastracktor.
10.5.2013. Turku, TVO with Gladenfold, Rawage and Pathogens.
6.7.2013. Vantaa, Bar Torppa with Circus Necropolis, Hexagon Glass and For the Red Sky.
24.8.2013. Eura, Osmantupa. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane with Atretic Intestine, Rawage and Wrathrone.
3.1.2014. Turku, Klubi Ilta. Metallihelvetti Vol. 17 with Cataleptic and Concrete Icon.
7.6.2014 Turku, Klubi Live. Darkness Unbound Finland-Tour with Demonical, I Saw Red and Hellbox.
30.8.2014. Turku, Klubi Ilta with October Tide, Ghost Voyage and I Saw Red.
28.11.2014. Helsinki, PRKL Club with Krypts.
6.2.2015. Newcastle, England, Northumberland Arms with Uncoffined, Austerymn and Horrified.
7.2.2015. Manchester, England, The Star and Garter with Uncoffined, Austerymn and Horrified.
6.3.2015. Tampere, Varjobaari with Decaying and Worthless.
18.4.2015. Seinäjoki, Bar 15 with Decaying and Defiled Icon.
10.-12.9.2015. Pori, Annis at Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest.
1.10.2015. Helsinki, Lepakkomies with Undergang and Corpsessed.
2.10.2015. Tampere, Varjobaari with Undergang and Corpsessed.
3.10.2015. Turku, TVO with Undergang and Corpsessed.
19.3.2016. Turku, TVO with Purtenance, Cannibal Accident and Atretic Intestine.
10.6.2016. Vantaa, Bar Jemma with Lantern and Decaying.
24.9.2016. Kuopio, Ottopoika with Corpsessed and Lantern.
18.11.2016. Saint Petersburg, Russia, MOD. Death Manifest III with Pyre, Cadaveric Incubator and Axeslaughter.
19.11.2016. Moscow, Russia, Monaclub. Death Manifest III with Pyre, Grond, Cadaveric Incubator and Axeslaughter.
4.3.2017. Jyväskylä, Katse with October Tide and Author.
24.3.2017. Tampere, Vastavirta with Coughdust, Ward and Sonic Poison.
20.4.2017. Bristol, England, The Gryphon with Live Burial, Deheubarth and The Drowning.
21.4.2017. Cardiff, England, Fuel Rock Club at Eradication Festival 2017.
22.4.2017. Manchester, England, Retro Bar with Live Burial, Seprevation, Decrepid and Repulsive.
23.4.2017. Newcastle, England, Trillians with Live Burial, Seprevation and Decrepid.
5.5.2017. Helsinki, Kaivohuone at Helsinki Death Fest II.
15.9.2017. Tampere, Vastavirta with Ymir’s Blood, Funerary Bell and Rippikoulu.
3.11.2017. Tampere, Varjobaari with Arche and Night of Suicide.
1.2.2018. Helsinki, Lepakkomies with Corpsessed and Live Burial.
2.2.2018. Tampere, Varjobaari with Corpsessed and Live Burial.
3.2.2018. Turku, TVO with Corpsessed and Live Burial.
29.9.2018. Helsinki, Ääniwalli with Anatomia, Cryptic Brood, God Disease and Ghastly.
17.11.2018. Kuopio, Ottopoika with Winterwolf and Proscription.
15.12.2018. TVO, Turku with Apparition, Lie In Ruins and Angelscourge.
11.4.2019. Firenze, Italy, Club Cycle with Celephaïs and Meanwhile in Tuscany.
12.4.2019. Treviso, Italy, ALTROQUANDO.
13.4.2019. Milan, Italy, Blue Rose Saloon with Morbus Grave and Vomitmantik.
14.4.2019. Bologna, Italy, XM24 with Ferum and Devoured by Vermin.
15.2.2020. London, UK, The Garage. Finnfest 2020.